"I used to work in Truro, but since my firm relocated to the new Technology Park, work is on the doorstep and it’s good to see so many businesses setting up here. I now know what they mean by “live work” , now my commute is simple, I walk or cycle to work most days."
West Carclaze has the potential to make a significant contribution to Mid Cornwall and its economy, bringing approximately 1000 employment opportunities and £1 billion to the local economy over the next 20 years.
  • Delivery of a range of long term employment opportunities within the eco-community
  • Superfast broadband to every home to facilitate and promote home working
  • Low energy sustainable employment buildings with excellent bus, electric car charging and cycle facilities to promote ‘green travel’
"I’ve just got a job with a company based in Swindon, I’m working from home so it’s really useful for me that our house has space for an office and high speed broadband for data and video conferencing. It just wouldn’t be possible otherwise."
"I can get the bus to work down into St Austell, it comes right through the village and stops just by the lake. Of course I could cycle, in fact I’m thinking of getting an electric bike to help with the hill on the way back. If I really need a car to go somewhere then I book one through the car club. Maybe we’ll get an electric car next time, we’ve got a charging point at home after all."

A range of employment opportunities within the eco-community

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