"In summer we picnic, and get together for bike rides and dog walks. It gets busier with tourists at that time of year but it’s nice to see people making the most of the landscape and it’s good for the local businesses. If we want to go further afield then we hire a car from the car club or there’s a bus on the doorstep and St Austell station isn’t too far away. We feel part of a growing community, but connected to our part of Cornwall and to the wider world, and we love it!"
West Carclaze will be a great place to live, work and play, with extensive learning, community and leisure facilities benefiting residents of the new community and those in existing neighbouring villages.
  • Extensive network of indoor and outdoor social facilities
  • Key facilities such as community centre (integrated with school), health care services, local shops, cafés, pub and picnic areas
  • Wide range of outdoor spaces designed to provide areas to socialise including: green streets, lakeside boardwalks, lakeside greens, open heathland, woodland, public squares, parks and allotments
"I meet friends in the cafe once a week after taking the kids to school. Our son and daughter play sport here, football, rugby and basketball so we spend a lot of time at the games socialising with other parents."
"Our community hall is used for loads of things, quizzes, film nights, Scouts, jumble sales and band practice. My family come over from Stenalees and we all head to the new pub on the lake for Sunday lunch and nights out with friends."

Opportunities to build a community for all ages

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