West Carclaze offers a unique opportunity to retain and unlock a huge swathe of land to be opened up to public enjoyment and conservation use.


  • Two-thirds of the site (around 350 acres) to be green spaces open to all including local communities
  • China Clay Heritage Park with extensive trails, heathland, lakes and wildlife habitats
  • Exceptional recreation facilities and sports pitches for a wide range of recreational pursuits including;
  • Rambling, cycling, horse riding, fishing, field sports, water sports
  • Community led and professionally managed land trust funded by revenue from new 9MW solar farm
"We were really surprised at how much leisure space there is here. I’m told that on most new estates there’s only about 10% green space and often that’s just a patch of grass. But here we’ve got over 60% and it’s all absolutely stunning! It’s so nice to be able to walk out of your house straight into the countryside."
"We’ve got 350 acres of heathland, sports pitches, play parks, allotments and wildlife habitats; criss-crossed with cycle and walking paths and dotted with beautiful lakes. I know the figures because I’m on the local land trust committee and I have a say in what we do with the open space, so I know there’s no danger of anyone building more homes on it."

A wide range of recreational and sporting facilities

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