We’ve been listening to what you have said and we’ve made sure that, where we can, we’ve responded to your concerns

Keep the Sky Tip

Sky Tip will remain as it is today and will become the focal point of an extensive China Clay Heritage Park.

Houses need to be affordable

We will deliver at least 450 affordable homes and incorporate self build and custom build housing (where we build and you finish) which will deliver even more homes in the affordable price range.

We need homes for local people

We will offer every open market home to local people first. Affordable Housing will be allocated via Cornwall Council’s waiting list – local people will have priority for every single home built.

Will the Development Create a flood risk?

We have undertaken extensive studies and flood risk modelling . Our proposals use the water bodies as attenuation ponds and a sustainable urban drainage scheme (SUDS) means the water run off rate from the site at peak rainfall periods will be reduced from 27.5 litres per second today to 10.

The infrastructure needs to go in first

We agree! The A391 improvement at Carluddon has been delivered at a cost of £12 million and further studies are under way for the next phase to the A30. The water and sewerage upgrades are already included in South West Water’s forward plan. The first form of the primary school and the community centre will be delivered as part of the initial phase of development.

Is this just another housing estate?

The scheme incorporates:

• The “China Clay Heritage Park” with approximately 140 hectares (350 acres) of open space and an extensive network of new sports and recreational facilities.

• A 9MW solar park will fund the Greenspace plan AND Offset energy consumption.

• Significant new job creation

• A village centre containing shops, new primary school, health centre and community centre.

• A variety of innovative house types and a range of construction options from self build to full build. Taken together these create a 21st century new community, not just a housing estate.

You’re building on green fields

The site has seen extensive industrial activity over the past 200 years with the majority being covered either by mining spoils or affected directly by mining operations. The green fields are less than 4% per cent of the site and do not have high agricultural value. They are of poor quality having been used sporadically for domestic grazing. Our plans increase the availability of green space open to the public, not reduce it.

We need jobs not just houses

This significant project will open up the potential for a variety of employment types. Apart from long term construction jobs, there will be opportunities in business (home working or via the Carluddon Technology Park), retail, education and community services to name but a few. We also anticipate the raising of the profile of the mid-Cornwall and St Austell areas will lead to many new opportunities, which will not occur if the development doesn’t go ahead.

Do we really need all these houses

Cornwall Council has recently amended its Local Plan increasing its housing numbers to 52,500 new homes in the county over the life of the plan with 7,100 new homes to support growth in the St Austell, St Blazey, Par and Clay District area, where 3,553 people are already identified as being in housing need. Whilst a proportion of these houses have been built or have planning permission already, further sites are required and our proposals provide an opportunity to use redundant land to do more than just build homes.