Mid Cornwall needs investment in its transport infrastructure to underpin its regeneration plans and we are committed to playing our part in helping to deliver this. The recent opening of the A391 improvement was an excellent start and demonstrates commitment and delivery. But there is more to do...


  • A391 : The recently opened A391 road improvement was a public and private sector collaboration with Imerys securing the Eco-town funding and, along with Eco-Bos, donating the land for the route. As a result Cornwall Council secured match funding from Europe and managed the planning and delivery.
  • Enabling a new link to the A30 : The West Carclaze Eco-community proposals will help unlock the economic case for the new link road at Carclaze to be extended to the A30. The Government has already agreed £1.5million to work up a detailed plan, which will make the case for the new road
As well as the road improvement, the area now benefits from improved cycling, walking and horse riding connections including a “green bridge” and footbridge linking the West Carclaze and Baal sites, enabling full use to be made of the existing Clay Trails – which will be greatly extended as part of the development.
In order to manage the use of the car in the new community our proposals will provide:

  • Improved traffic flows and pedestrian access.
  • Extensive footpath and cyclepath linkages.
  • Enhanced Bus Services.
  • Walkable neighbourhoods.
  • Cycle Hire.
  • Electric car charging points.
  • Car Share Clubs.

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